Taking care of new Tattoo important to avoid damage

Taking care of your new Tattoo is important to avoid damage to the design. You also want to protect any type of infections happening to your skin. Things that are important are to avoid using any sunblock on your tattoo until it is completely healed. Do not pick at the tattoo either, you will risk infections and damage to your tattoo.
  You should also avoid swimming or jumping into the lake/sea. Taking a shower to keep your body clean is alright. Don't scratch at the new tat, it might get itchy, and it will scab over so allow your body to go through its healing process and leave it alone. 

  Wear loose clothing when you have tattoos on your arms, legs, body, etc., to allow your skin to breath and heal. The healing process isn't more than a few weeks, but it does take time. Similar to healing from a scabbed over scratch on your body, as far as time span.

Tattoo Artists often cover your Tattoo at first, they will use special creams and bandages that they find best assist you on your first few days. Your Tattoo Artist will explain how to care for your new tattoo as well.